Lessons Learned


One cannot make significant accomplishments without falling and learning a few lessons along the way. Phoenix and I have had our share. Below are a few things that helped me to effectively provide instruction to my son without us BOTH going crazy.

Teaching Tips
  • Make sure they are having fun

    This is probably one of the most important elements of early childhood education.  When children are having fun they want to learn, and likewise when you as a parent are having fun, it is no longer a chore and you develop a greater desire to teach.

  • Start as early as possible

    Children are amazingly resilient and capable of internalizing information.  Teaching them while their brain is still developing increases their chances of retention and helps with brain development later in life.

  • Be Patient

    Teaching your child will take a great deal of patience on your part in the beginning since you must find what works for both of you. It is important that you try not to get frustrated and understand that each child learns at a different pace.

  • Be consistent but don’t overdo it

    There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Be consistent in that you provide instruction each day, but ensure that instruction lasts only for a designated time frame. While games and videos may take longer, instruction that involves teaching with flash cards posters etc should be limited in order to ensure neither you nor your child experiences burn out.

  • Instruct face to face first

    In today’s instant gratification society, we want to believe that we can sit our child in front of the TV and they will begin reading. This is simply not true. Your child will learn to recall symbols and this is not reading. Face to face instruction will not only provide your child with the ability to learn but also provide the emotional connection that helps to facilitate learning.

  • Do not have expectations of time for learning

    Every person’s experience with this will be different based upon how early and how often you choose to engage.  Try not to judge your child’s learning based solely on what information he or she can regurgitate within a certain period of time, but rather on their interest in learning. When your child develops such an interest that he or she picks up educational materials or plays educational videos on his or her own, then you know that you are making an impact.

  • When in doubt use Google

    I try my best to answer questions based upon my own experience in teaching my son, but everyone’s experiences are different. For that reason ensure you do research before committing to any particular train of thought.

  • Search for quality free resources

    When I first began teaching my son in the late 2000’s, there was no iPad (or if there was I was too cheap to buy it).  At any rate, things quickly progressed and now there are iPad apps for everything and the vast majority of them are free.  My son uses them but we also continue to use the trusted and true books that provide guided instruction on particular subjects, for me this cannot be substituted.  Although I urge you to use these, I also urge you to use them as review and not the sole teaching aid.

  • Check Other Review Sites and Sources

    Although I provide recommendations here, new dynamic products services and programs are popping up everyday. Check google and amazon for resources, lists, how to’s and reviews of products and websites before you waste time and money.


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