Why Black People Need Black Ideologies


To the average African American age 30 and above, the necessity of black ideological existence is fairly intuitive; African Americans remain the target of racial oppression, job discrimination, profiling, bigoted insults, excessive sentencing, gentrification, and various other desecrations of our basic humanity. While others willingly adopt and appropriate our culture, they give minimal concern to our various plights.  Though a somber realization, we adapted by forming organizations and ideologies which help to promote the progression of our people and solve issues that overwhelmingly plague our community.

Erroneously, we tend to expect that others would understand this. After all, the historical plight of African Americans in this country is undeniable, even in its whitewashed state. Yet, many believe blacks have overcome any barriers which might have prevented them from reaching prosperity in America; they believe that to maintain any positive assembly of racial solidarity is somehow racist in nature. Since African Americans fought so hard for integration, why, then deliberately unite ourselves around these various exclusionist philosophies? Why should Black Lives Matter? Why Should Black Girls Rock? Why have HBCUs, the NAACP, and Black History Month?

These questions are only enquired by the willingly uninformed.

Black ideologies are not reverse Jim Crow movements designed to exclude or belittle whites. In general black people have wanted to be accepted into American culture, but the growing sentiment reveals that some people only stomach us as the hyphenated step child they are forced to tolerate. Subsequently, our desire for progress has overwhelmed our desire for their acceptance and Black ideologies derive as the necessary effect of the demeaning methodology of American culture.

Our achievements are not rewarded, they are minimized as incidental. To be ourselves means to be labeled, ostracized, and denied access. But we adapted. We weren’t allowed to enter white schools, so we created HBCUs; we could not join white fraternities, so we created BGLOs; they refused to permit our collective progression, so we formed the NAACP; they disrespected our buying power and we created Black Wall Street. These might seem like the actions of days gone by, but even today we face the same plight by a different name. The media calls our black boys worthless thugs, so we must tell them that they matter, magazines see our girls as ugly or whores, so we remind them that they are beautiful and they rock. Society will ignore our exceptionalism in art and only notice our films when we are portrayed as disparaging and subservient, so we create our own awards shows. Daily America attempts to tell us that we are not worthy. So daily, we MUST tell our children they matter because our progressive survival depends upon it. To negate this task means to allow others to define them as they see fit, as ugly whorish thugs who are unworthy of dignity or even life. So please, excuse us if we are celebratory of our own ideologies, understand if we still find use of our culture centered organizations, and realize, before you call us isolationists for having racial unity, that we did not create the need for black ideologies… America Did.

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