The Civil War lie some kids are being taught


The Civil War “debate” if you want to call it that, is one of many reasons I constantly stress teaching your child Black History at home. Many schools have begun to convert history to something that is more ‘politically correct’ as if somehow this preserves children’s innocence.

The result is that not only do black kids not get a sense of the true plight of their ancestors, but white students grow callous to this history and identify it as an excuse rather than a reason for the current economic and familial situations in Black America. Recently in a discussion with someone on Facebook a user commented that slavery was not really that bad of a situation because slave owners valued their property. The sad part is that he was taught this in school and also bought into the idea that the Civil War was about states’ rights rather than slavery.  What’s worse is that some school districts like Brookline are completely eliminating the truth about slavery and purchasing books that make light of (or justify) the period, identify slaves as just unpaid servants, and the Civil War as a fight for states rights.

While there is very little you can do about what is being taught in schools, you can control what your child learns. In his article, “For the Last Time the Civil War was not about States Rights,” author Jake Flanagin uses indisputable evidence to show that states were vehemently opposed to the freedom of slaves and even documented this in their declaration of session.

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