Less Experienced Teachers Maybe Failing Your Child


How well do you know your child’s teacher? As you might expect with any job, teachers improve over time, but did you also know that this might be affecting your child’s education, testing scores and long term cognitive ability.

According to researchers at Brown University, students of teachers who have been on the job for less than 3 years tend to have the lowest test scores while the greatest advancement in scores happened between 10 and 30 years. Now it is important to note that other factors such as motivation of teachers, educational environment and grade level was not controlled, but the study should certainly not be discounted. Since it may be difficult to ascertain the quality of your child’s teacher immediately upon meeting him or her, parental involvement and teacher engagement can help influence your child’s ability to gain the greatest substance from her academic environment. If all else fails however, ask to change classes, there’s no logical reason to remain in an environment that is unproductive. Visit edweek for more details on the study.

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