8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness


Are you under the impression that the school district, teacher quality, or funding of your child’s school doesn’t matter? If so you may need to read this article list.

 One of the biggest myths that parents believe is that teachers alone have the greatest impact on a child’s learning. This could be further from the truth, however since teachers have responsibility for your child for 7 hours a day, it is important to understand the school’s immediate factors that may be undermining your child’s ability to learn. In some schools, where funding is limited and quality teachers are scarce, you have unqualified teachers providing instruction on critical subjects such as math and science.  While I always encourage parental involvement in a child’s education, it is especially important in these circumstances where even the minimum standards are not being met.

Check out these 8 Myths that Undermine Educational Effectiveness and consider whether your child is getting the best out of his or her education.

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